Super Mario Run v2.0.0 Cracked Apk

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Super Mario Run v2.0.0 Cracked Apk

Description :

Super Mario Run v2.0.0 Cracked Apk, You control Mario by tapping as he constantly runs forward. You time your taps to pull off stylish jumps, midair spins, and wall jumps to gather coins and reach the goal!. Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all three modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

Features :

  • World Tour: Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches!
    Travel through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more…
  • Toad Rally: Show off Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends, and challenge people from all over the world.
  • Kingdom Builder: Gather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom.
  • All courses in World Tour are playable: You can play all 24 courses over all 6 worlds. Why not try out the challenges and thrills available in all courses?
  • More playable characters: If you complete course 6-4 to rescue Peach, and build homes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in Kingdom Builder, you can get them to join your adventures as playable characters. They play differently to Mario, so why not put their special characteristics to good use in World Tour and Toad Rally?
  • More courses in Toad Rally: The types of courses available in Toad Rally will increase to seven different types of courses, expanding the fun! In the new additions, Purple and Yellow Toads may also come to cheer for you.
  • More buildings and decorations in Kingdom Builder: The types of building available will increase, so you’ll be able to make your kingdom even more lively. You can also place Rainbow Bridges to expand your kingdom.


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Super Mario Run v2.0.0 Cracked Apk (61.8 Mb)

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